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What you will see and experience….


Your guide, trained by "Irish Dundee" Paul Thomas Magill, co-owner of "Taino Valley" will explain to you about the plantation and the walking tour.

You will be walking for approximate 1 to 1,5 hour downhill  over the 4 different trials, bathrooms and places to rest are provided along the trails.

While walking downhill, our guide will explain all the different types of  flower plants, flowers, trees and the Taino culture along the trail. 

Next you can have a coffee (free) from home grown coffee beans, grown on the same trail as where you will find lemon, oranges, avocados, cacao and many other fruits who are growing in abidance at the Taino Valley Tropical Plantation.

Enjoy our Labyrinth, walking in lush flowers to find your way out and then expose our petting zoo with many different animals.

Further on the trail you see the pheasants in the huge Avery with water from our own natural well flowing through their living area. Next to this is a chilled pond where you can see different sorts of fish and water animals.

Than take a walk around the Laguna and lake filled with tropical fish, turtles and iguanas

And finally take a rest at the Mirador viewpoint where you also can have a refreshing drink and snack.

Passion fruit
Aloe Vera

The Taino Valley Tropical Park is open all year around from 9.00 am. to 4.30 pm., with our last pick up from the Mirador viewpoint at the end of the trail to bring you to the exit at 5:00 pm.​

We recommend our last visitors to enter the park before 3.00 pm. to insure that they have enough time to walk the primary trails. Reservations are not necessary for individual visitors,  group reservations however appriciated and recomanded.

​The garden is on a hill side but you don’t have to be in top physical shape to walk down or climb up. People with mobility difficulties might find it a little inconvenient to make their way up again also those with elderly visitors should take note that the garden’s trials in combination with the tropical temperatures could prove to be a challenge, therefore it is advisable to walk down the trials from the entrance and at the end of the trial at the viewpoint and restaurant to ask our staff to drive your up by car to the entrance.

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