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Taino Tours

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Taino Valley & City Tour                                              Full description 

Our journey starts with an around half hour scenic ride from the ocean into the mountains with stunning panoramic views at the ocean and lovely valleys.

Our first stop is at the Taino Valley Tropical Park. This pristine ecological reserve offers a refreshing escape into nature. Meander through lush trails, encounter diverse flora and fauna, and discover the nature!
The park's tranquil atmosphere provides a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind amidst the Dominican wilderness.

In various places there are statutes of the Taino gods. A detailed explanation is given for each statue and why the Taino’s worshiped their gods.

​From a natural well, water runs through the forest, feeding every plant and tree. Water passes through several natural ponds full of fish. You can feed these fish.

Along the route there is a viewpoint with benches that overlook a green valley with mountains in the background. Time to take photos and relax a little. You can also see some animals in the petting zoo. There is a variety of birds, goats, guinea pigs, donkeys, ducks and more.

After a delightful exploration of the Taino Valley, we'll head to the charming and delectable lunch at the Casa Antigua restaurant. This beautifully restored colonial mansion boasts a warm ambiance and delectable dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Savor the flavors of the Dominican Republic while surrounded by historic charm.

Time now to dive into the rich history and vibrant culture of Puerto Plata on a captivating city tour!
Our adventure will whisk you through time, with visiting the majestic Fort San Felipe, the oldest European military fortification in the Americas. Stand where pirates once stood and marvel at the panoramic ocean views.

We'll delve also into the Dominican Republic's fascinating amber heritage at the Amber Museum. Admire the gleaming collection of amber, containing perfectly preserved insects and plant life trapped millions of years ago.

Our journey continues to the city center, where you can soak in the atmosphere of the main square and central park (Plaza Indepediencia) with the Cathedral, stroll through the “Umbrella” and “Pink” street, browse local crafts and souvenirs, or simply relax and people-watch.

This city tour offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and scenic beauty, providing an unforgettable introduction to Puerto Plata's charm.

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