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Taino Tours

Taino Valley & Mundo King Mueseum                                         Full description 

Meat eating plant
Tropical Tree
Microphone plant
Petting zoo with Donkey
Taino Valley Tropical Park
Stroll in the park
In the park
In the park
Valley view
Mundo King Museum
Mundo King Museum
Mundo King Museum
view from Mundo King Museum
Tropical Garden_edited

Immerse Yourself in Dominican Culture and Nature:
                               Taino Valley Tropical Park, Lunch and Mundo King,

Embark on a captivating full-day excursion that blends cultural immersion, delicious cuisine, and a touch of nature!

Our journey starts with a scenic ride into the hills with beautiful views at the ocean and into valleys.
Our first stop is at the Taino Valley Tropical Park a pristine ecological reserve that offers a refreshing escape into nature.

We explore the park and find the vast amount of different tropical flowers, trees, palm trees, plants, bamboo, fruits, vegetables and seasonings that grow in the Dominican mountains.
In various places there are statutes of the gods Taino’s. A detailed explanation is given for each statue and why the Taino’s worshiped their gods.

​From a natural well, water runs through the forest, feeding every plant and tree. Water passes through several natural ponds full of fish. You can feed these fish.

Along the route there is a viewpoint with benches that overlook a green valley with mountains in the background. Time to take photos and relax a little. You can also see some animals in the petting zoo. There is a variety of birds, goats, guinea pigs, donkeys, ducks and more.

After a delightful exploration of the Taino Valley, we'll head to the charming and delectable lunch at Casa Antigua restaurant.
This beautifully restored colonial mansion boasts a warm ambiance and delectable dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Savor the flavors of the Dominican Republic while surrounded by historic charm.

With a satisfied appetite, we'll prepare to be dazzled by the eccentric and extraordinary on a tour through the Mundo King Museum in Sosua! Built by a German artist named Rolf Schulz, this isn't your typical museum. Imagine a whimsical castle, perched on a hilltop, overflowing with otherworldly art and the visions of a dreamer.

Your journey begins as you approach the castle itself. Its unique architecture blends styles, sparking comparisons to everything from Gaudi to modern marvels. As you enter, quirky sculptures and paintings greet you, hinting at the wonders within.

The five floors are a treasure trove of artistic surprises. You'll find a collection of sculptures, many boasting an exotic flair. Sensuous curves and bold shapes will leave a lasting impression. Keep an eye out for wood and stone carvings that whisper tales of the island's heritage.

But Mundo King isn't afraid of the unconventional.
Brace yourself for encounters with the unexpected! Spaceships crafted by Schulz himself hang suspended, adorned with cryptic alien symbols. Murals depict fantastical scenes, perhaps glimpses into the artist's own visions of extraterrestrial life.

As you wander through the museum, you can almost feel Schulz's presence with tales of UFOs and a life lived on the edge of reality. It's a chance to connect with the eccentric soul who poured his heart into this singular masterpiece.

The Mundo King Museum isn't just a collection of art; it's an experience. It's a chance to tap into a world of boundless imagination, where the line between reality and fantasy blurs. So, step into this whimsical wonderland and prepare to be amazed!

This comprehensive tour promises an unforgettable experience, allowing you to delve into the Dominican Republic's rich culture, savor its culinary delights, and embrace the beauty of its natural landscapes.

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