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Taino Tours

Dominican Country Side & Flavor Experience                         Shore Excursion

POP City Time dep
POP City Time dep
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Cruise Ship Guests Special

Away in the nature, Away from the crowd

Flexible Pick-up / Drop-off time depending on arrival / departure time

Join us for a unique and unforgettable experience in the tropical hills near Puerto Plata, where you will discover the rich nature and flavors of the Dominican Republic.

The excursion starts with an around half hour scenic ride from the city into the mountains with stunning panoramic views at the ocean and lovely valleys.

​We explore the Taino Valley Tropical Park and find the vast amount of different tropical flowers, trees, plants, bamboo, fruits, vegetables and seasonings that grow in the Dominican mountains.

In various places there are statutes of the gods Taino’s. A detailed explanation is given for each statue and why the Taino’s worshiped their gods.

​From a natural well, water runs through the forest, feeding every plant and tree. Water passes through several natural ponds full of fish. You can feed these fish.

Along the route there is a viewpoint with benches that overlook a green valley with mountains in the background. Time to take photos and relax a little. You can also see some animals in the petting zoo.
There is a variety of birds, goats, guinea pigs, donkeys, ducks and more.

​After your walk, return to the reception at the park entrance. You can rest under a roof made of traditional leaves, enjoying Organic Fruit tasting: fruit directly from mother nature in your mouth!
You will be shown various fruits that grow in the surrounding area, such as mangoes, pineapples, bananas, papayas, melon, avocado and more. Delight in a fruit tasting, enjoy the freshness and sweetness of the fruits, straight from the land in your mouth. (Season depending)

On top of this a you attend basic demo's where we explain you about:

  • Coffee: See how coffee is grown and processed, from the tree to the traditional brawn.
    Learn about the different varieties and qualities of coffee, and how to brew the perfect cup on the traditional Dominican way. Enjoy the tasting session, where you will savor the aroma and flavor of the finest coffee.

  • Cigars: No trip to the Dominican Republic would be complete without having seen how cigars are crafted, from the leaf to the smoke and ash. You will learn about the different types of tobacco and cigars, how to cut, light, and smoke them. Optional you can also participate in a cigar tasting ($), where you will appreciate the aroma and taste of the finest Dominican cigars.

  • To top it all off, enjoy an authentic Woodfire prepared lunch: served in the nearby "Casa Antigua" restaurant a typical Dominican house of over 100 years old and cooked the traditional Dominican way in a “fogon” by a passionate team with organic ingredients from around the house and local farmers.
    Taste the savor of the delicious dishes, such as rice, beans, chicken, salad, and more. In the garden behind the house there grow bananas, avocados, pineapples, tomatoes and much more.
    You can walk around the house and notice that a supermarket is not needed, as almost
    everything grows in the surrounding yard.

    After Lunch is time to back to the harbor, depending on the departure time of your cruise ship we will pass by at some highlights of Puerto Plata, the main square with Cathedral (Plaza Indepediencia) and the Umbrella and Pink street.

This unforgettable excursion is the perfect way to experience the beauty, culture

 and taste of the Dominican Republic!

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