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Welcome to
Taino Valley
Tropical Park - Tubagua

For any question you may have, please contact us

Taino Valley is a tropical park where you can enjoy and learn about the  nature  and culture of the Domincan Republic, conveniently located on the "Ruta Touristica" a road with breath taking views on the tropical country side between the city's of Puerto Plata and Santiago, only a half hour drive from Puerto Plata or Sosua and about 45 minutes from Santiago.

In our 250.000 m2 / 63 acres plantation you will find 4 different trails with a total lenght of

2,5 Km (1.5 Mile) where we show and explain you about:

Taino God in Taino Valley

Taino Culture

Tropical flower in Taino Valley

Tropical flowers

Cacao fruit in Taino Valley

Tropical fruits

petting zoo  donkey  animal  kids

Petting Zoo

After your walk you can spend unlimited time at the Taino Valley Tropical Plantation and relax at the "Mirador" view point surrounded by farmland, against the breathtaking Taino Valley, or make a stroll around the lake.

And if you are thirsty after the walk....  the  at the welcome center we serve drinks that you will love. 

Our team is looking forward to welcome you !!

For any question you may have, please contact us

Explore the Taino Valley Tropical Park on your own with the map we provide or join our guided tours (on reservation).

Smell the flowers, taste the fresh fruit, feed the birds, fish and other animals, enjoy the magnificent views, learn about our nature and culture in a approximately 90 minutes leisurely walk, including a free coffee stop and fresh fruit sampling. (seasonally) 


The trails are subject to seasonality but may include pineapple, coconut, mango, banana, coffee, heliconia, palms, papaya, starfruit, jackfruit, tabaco, sugarcane, sweet potato, orange, different herbs,  avocado, citrus and more.

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